Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet and Tasty favors: Spotlight on Shake your Bon Bons

Spotlight Shake your Bon Bons

I love wedding favors, I especially like wedding favors I could eat. My spotlight shines on Aimee Plesa's tasty creations from her Shake your Bon Bons company.

Although, not a line specifically marketed as a wedding favor; I could only imagine opening a beautiful box to find these tasty confections. Aimee's product line comes from her imagination. She has developed a line of 23 flavors that developed into her "Traditional Bon Bon" line. She now offers 5 complete lines of Bon Bons (each wildly different from the other), some of the smoothest fudge you will ever find, delicious coffees and a whole line of colorful handcrafted items.

Her candies are all handmade. Aimee takes great pride in filling each order one at a time. With no added preservatives. Your goodies are not mass produced, filled with preservatives and collecting dust in some warehouse.

So if you are looking for a great and tasty favor idea consider "Shake your Bon Bons" with an average of about 25 bonbons in a 1lb order, 8lbs should give you enough bon bons to fill 100 favor boxes. Maybe you should consider getting 9lbs so you could save some of the tasty treats for yourself.

Below see different boxes that you could use to present these delectable treats.

Be Inspired by sweet and tasty treats.

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  1. Awesome blog! Aimee really does make some awesome treats! Best I have ever had!



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