Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to pick your wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are an integral part of your wedding, making the right choices is important to help tie various different elements together. Elements such as your venue, the style of you wedding, your bridesmaids dress and of course your colors. Once you have determined your venue, wedding day colors and formality, you are ready to choose your flowers.

Look through various wedding magazines, books and websites. This will help you to have an idea of what you would like to see at your wedding. Look at wedding magazines, websites and books to get an idea of what type of wedding flowers you like. These resources will have specific flowers and color combinations that may coordinate with your wedding. Armed with a swatch of your bridesmaids dresses and your vision, follow these steps:

Establish your budget

You should go back to your wedding budget and confirm what you have set as your floral budget. Keep in mind that your flower budget covers all flowers for your wedding day from ceremony to reception and everything in between. Flowers usually take about 10% of your wedding budget, so if you have a $20,000 dollar wedding budget the amount for your wedding flowers would be $2000. Be sure to stand firm on your budget when talking to your florists, $100 dollars over your budget may not be a bad thing, however $3000 dollars over is a great deal and will throw you off budget. If you really love flowers and want to spend a little more, to remain within your budget, you might want to spend less on another area of your wedding.

Find your color vision and establish your style

Make sure that before you see a Florist that you know your color scheme. When you meet with florist this is one of the first questions that they will ask. They will not be able to refer you to the right flowers for your day, this might be frustrating for you and the florist. You should have swatches of your girls dresses and your overall color scheme.

The style of your wedding is equally as important. A garden bouquets will probably not work well at a formal evening wedding. The style of your wedding dress is also important as it will determine what bouquet is best for your dress. The florist will want to know how ornate your dress is, whether it's white or cream, if it's classic or contemporary, and other important details. This information is crucial when meeting with a florist.

Consider your wedding location

Think about your wedding location, how many flowers will you need to complete your wedding look? Do you need alot of flowers for your ceremony if you are getting married at a great outdoor venue with wonderful landscaping? Are the walls of your indoor venue covered with a floral pattern? or is it a blank canvas? The answer to these questions will help the florist to draw out a vision for your overall floral decor.

Find a Florist

You need to meet with florists. Like any other vendor it should be someone with whom you connect. This will be important as they will help to execute your vision. Consider the type of person that will work best with you? Always ask to see a portfolio!! A florist may say that they have done it before, but such an important part of the visual aspects of your wedding should not be left unchecked. References from friends that have recently planned a wedding is a good place to start. You can check out a company with the Better Business Bureau where you can find out if anyone has had problems with them in the past. Get everything in writing, make sure the contract details include date of your wedding, delivery place and time, flowers chosen, number of flowers ,colors and of course price. There are a host of various wedding websites that will assist you with finding a wedding florist in your area, some of these sites allow you to sign up to find a florist in your area and within your budget.

Check out these sites:

Be Inspired and informed when choosing your flowers!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I had no idea that all florists have a portfolio,all the ones i have been to only show me two or three photographs.Thanks next time i will ask for a portfolio.

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