Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Day Timeline

You have worked so hard planning the details of your special day. Now its time to set up a Wedding Day timeline to ensure to the best of your ability that all of your plans are in harmony.

The wedding day timeline is that of the actual wedding day it indicates when important events such as the wedding ceremony, cake cutting, toasts, vendor arrival and end time should happen. A timeline can also be a money saving tool. You do not want to have to come up with extra money for extra hours of service from a vendor, i.e limousine company can charge anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 for extra time.

Below you will find some tips for creating your timeline. If you have been working with a bridal consultant she or he will assist you with this deadline. If have chosen a "Day Of" coordinator, she or he will also be able to assist you with this timeline.

You have already booked your hall and ceremony place, so you have a time in place: start there. Start with the ceremony time and work backwards.
In between you will list all of the events that need to take place prior to this time.

Think about all of the vendors that you expect to meet with prior to the ceremony; Photographers, Florists, Make-up artists. Allot a certain amount of time for each vendor.

*When is your photographer arriving? Will you only take pictures of you and your bridal party? Will you have the photographer take pictures of you and your fiance before the ceremony?
*How much time will the make-up artist need for each bridesmaid and will they be working alone or with someone else? Ask your make-up artist how much time she or he will need for each bridesmaid. Do you need to go to a salon for hair and make-up or will they come to you? In this area I would strongly recommend that you have the artist come to you? If they don't please keep in mind travel time and possible delays.
*Include travel time to ceremony location.

After you get to the ceremony time, you will need to include the length of time for the ceremony. Remember any extra elements like song selections, poetry readings, etc.
Will you be going to another location for pictures? If the ceremony is not at the same location as the reception include travel time.

Reception timeline should include cutting of the cake, bouquet toss, first dance etc.

Make sure every vendor in your wedding receives a copy of your wedding day timeline in advance. Have a list of important contacts for the day, vendors, bridal party include their phone numbers. This list should be given to the Day of Coordinator, Planner or Maid of Honor. Click here for a contact list template.

Sample Wedding Day Timeline based on a 5:30pm

12:00 Bride & bridesmaids arrive at designated location for hair and make up.
12:30 -2:30 Makeup and hair
2:30 Florist Delivers Flowers
2:30 - 3:30 Everyone Gets Dressed
3:30 - 4:30 Photographer takes posed shots
4:00 Limousines arrive at Grooms location
4:30 Limousines arrive at Brides location
4:00 - 5:00 Guests start to arrive/seated
5:30 Ceremony starts
6:00 Bride walks down
6:30 after Wedding Pictures
7:00 Move over to reception hall/Cocktail hour
8:00 Reception
8:15 Bridal party announced
8:20 First Dance
8:30 Dance with Parents, Bridal Party Dance
8:45 Dinner Served
9:45 Bride and Groom walk around and greet guests
9:55 Toast/Cake Cutting
10:15 Dance floor open
10:50 Dance floor open
11:45 End of reception

Each Wedding Timeline will vary from wedding to wedding. If you have rented a venue that requires you clean up, you should leave an hour at the end of your night for clean up. Cake cutting should be done early in the evening preferably after dinner; this is to accommodate older guests and guests who have to leave early. The cake cutting ceremony signals a time when guests could leave without appearing rude. If you are taking pictures at a separate location you should allot time for traveling.

Remember a timeline will help you stay relaxed and allow you to enjoy your day. Remember if something goes off schedule, it's ok!! Don't allow this to ruin you day.
Be Inspired to set a schedule that will allow you to enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!

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