Saturday, April 25, 2009

Signature Drinks

Signature drinks for weddings bring an extra special element to your event. They are a great way to show your personality and uniqueness.

Choosing your Signature Drink

* Consider the theme of your wedding.

You may have chosen an "Old Hollywood Glam" themed wedding or a Beach themed wedding, consider drinks that are reflective of the era or the location.

*What is your favorite liquor?

You could consider having a drink built around one of your favorite Spirits.

* Color of your wedding.

Whether you have chosen red, pink or green. You can chose a drink that uses the color of the wedding. Whether it be in the liquor itself or in the garnishes. Colored sugar or a fruit reflecting the color of your wedding can add a special touch.

When choosing your signature drink, you want to pick a drink that appeals to wide audiences and is not too strong. Have a "mocktail", non-alcoholic version of your signature drink available for your guests that that don't drink.

Signature Drinks can also be a cost saving element to your wedding. Consider serving the cocktails during the cocktail hour. During the reception serve beer and wine only.

You should definitely consider hiring a professional for direction. Specialty wedding cocktails are very popular in weddings today, you caterer might be able to offer this service to you. A "mixologist" is a term given to someone who has studied or is skilled at preparing mixed drinks. Independent and special event ‘mixologists’ are also another good option. You can choose a special cocktail unique to you as a couple or maybe a classic cocktail with a twist.

Click here for a list of the top 5 mixology bars in NY. For a list of top mixologists throughout the United States, click here.

The base of wedding signature drinks is often a classic cocktail like a martini. However, options for signature drinks are unlimited. With the various colored liqueurs available you can create many color specialty drinks. Almost any type of alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink can be signature drink, including mojitos, pina colodas, manhattans, margaritas and any other type of cocktail.

As summer approaches, here are some ideas for Summer Signature Drinks, click here.

Be Inspired by a unique drink!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great ideas, all the colors will look amazing at any wedding.

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