Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Memoriam-Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding Ceremony

There are many ways to remember a loved one and honor them at your wedding. A memorial service, done in a respectful and uplifting manner, can be a special part of your wedding ceremony. Ultimately it is up to you, some couples are afraid that a tribute to deceased loved ones could dampen the happy mood of the wedding day. Others feel that keeping their memory alive will have an uplifting affect. The couple together should decide if remembrance of deceased relatives and friends is appropriate for the their special day.

Here are some ways to remember loved ones:

Memorial Candle Lighting

Lighting memorial candles during the wedding ceremony can be a way to honor the memory of parents, grandparents or other close relatives who have passed away. Memorial candles are lit on behalf of those being remembered during the ceremony.

Photos in Remembrance

Placing photos of those to be honored in a visible place in the ceremony is another way to recognize those who are no longer with you.

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Wedding Program Remembrance
If you have a wedding program booklet for your ceremony, be sure to use that opportunity to remember deceased relatives and friends. This is one way to honor those people without an actual public memorial ceremony.

Loving Words

A sensitive officiant is one of the best ways to bring loved ones to mind. Have him or her briefly memorialize the people behind your remembrance items.


A more lighthearted approach to honor family members is including a famous cookie or candy recipe with your desserts, a signature appetizer on the menu, or a favorite sweet in a candy buffet. Include a small framed note that explains the connection.


A moving tribute might include dedicating a song at the ceremony.


A touching way to remember someone is to wear one of their personal items. It could be your "something old". A grandmother's broach or a pair of grandfathers cufflinks. Brides and Grooms can both memorialize their loved one with this remembrance idea.


If a loved one was lost to a physical illness. A "donation in lieu of favors" is a great way to remember the person you lost. Donations to charities like the American Cancer Society, or the American Heart Association. Similarly, a donation to a cause that was dear to your loved one would be great. You could alert your guests of this donation by placing individual cards or a framed table note at the reception.

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Be Inspired by memories!!!!!!!!

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